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We specialize in corporate catering, pharmaceutical catering and food delivery nationwide

  • What do we do?
  • How does the service work?
  • What does it cost, and how do I pay?

    What do we do?

    What is OrderCorner?
    OrderCorner works with individuals who need to order food delivery and take out on a frequent basis. Our clients include:
    • Administrative assistants
    • Executive assistants
    • Training professionals
    • Sales representatives
    • Pharmaceutical representatives
    • Mutual fund wholesalers
    • Recruiters
    • Event Planners
    • Others
    We provide these clients with a fast, easy and efficient process for ordering food delivery, food takeout and catering. We not only provide easy access to a wide variety of delivery restaurants and food caterers, we also automate many of the administrative tasks associated with food ordering. This saves our clients a lot time and worry.
    How long have you been doing this?
    OrderCorner was established in 2003 in Houston. Today we serve clients across the US and organize food delivery and takeout in 50 states.
    What type of food can OrderCorner provide?
    Every type. OrderCorner offers a wide variety of food through our large network of delivery restaurants and food caterers. We carefully select 'best of class' restaurants that deliver, and caterers, to offer more catering menus, convenience, and reliability than any single food catering service or restaurant delivery service. Our most popular menu items include:
    • sandwich trays
    • wrap trays
    • deli trays
    • appetizer platters
    • box lunches
    • delicious desserts
    • healthy snacks
    • hot buffets
    • Mexican food
    • Chinese food
    • Italian food
    • BBQ catering
    We can though gladly arrange anything, from Kosher food, to the most basic budget meal delivery, to gourmet catering. Through our Total Access catering service, we can even organize food delivery, or takeout, from your favorite delivery restaurant, saving you time and hassle.
    What are the benefits of using OrderCorner?
    The benefits of our service include:

    Simple, flexible one stop shopping for all your catering needs
    • Large and small orders
    • Orders placed in advance, or at the last minute
    • Any cuisine type
    • Delivery or pickup
    • Order from one of our delivery restaurant or food caterer partners, or from your, or your client's, favorite caterer. (Total Access Service)
    • Select the menu items yourself, or let our catering experts do everything for you
    • Order food online, by phone, or email
    • Access to "Special Offers" exclusive to OrderCorner
    In addition, we provide:
    • 24 x 7 customer service for all questions, changes, and issues
    • Electronic confirmation (text or email) of all orders received, as well as delivered
    • Personalized on-line account to store receipts and to view order history
    • Automatic expense report generation and submittal
    • Consolidated monthly reporting and tracking of all your food orders
    • Track meeting participants as well as price per person paid
    In summary

    We save our clients a lot of time, worry and hassle when dealing with their catering needs, enabling them to increase their time spent on more productive tasks. We make food delivery and catering simple!
    Do You Offer A Catering Concierge Service?
    Yes we do and it is free!

    Our catering experts can manage all your food orders for you. You simply let us know when you need food, your budget, and delivery location, and we can take care of as many, or as few, of the details as you want. For example, you can leave it to us to select the delivery restaurant/food caterer, the menu items etc. or you can specify cuisine types and menu items.

    Do I have to create an account before trying the OrderCorner service?
    No. You can browse our catering menus and start placing your food orders (delivery or takeout) without creating an account.

    However, before proceeding to checkout, we will ask you for basic contact information so that we can send you an email confirmation of your order, and notify you of an on schedule delivery. All information is kept confidential. Please see our privacy policy for more information.

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    How does the service work?

    How do I use the service?
    It's very easy!

    Enter the zipcode of your delivery location, and browse catering menus online, and when ready, place your orders online, call our customer service on 1 866 926 7637, or email us at customerservice@ordercorner.com.

    You can also request a short demonstration if you would like one of our catering experts to personally show you the service.
    Once I place my order, what happens next? How do I know my food will show up when and where I need it?
    Once you place an order, whether online, by phone, or by email, it will be assigned a unique order number. Our customer service team then tracks the order behind the scenes and insures that the selected delivery restaurant or food caterer has all the necessary information. The chosen restaurant or caterer is contacted on the scheduled delivery/pick up day to insure that all is set for an on time delivery or pick up. Once verified we will email or text you a confirmation. This removes any worry or concern that you might have about whether the food will be delivered to the right place at the right time.
    How far in advance do I need to order?
    We recommend at least 24 hours prior to the food delivery or pick up time, although the preferred lead time is as far in advance as possible. (Our tracking system insures that all food orders, however, far in the future, are never forgotten). We can also accommodate same day needs on a case-by-case basis.
    Is there a minimum size food order?
    Our delivery restaurants and food caterers specify the minimum dollar value they will accept for a catering order. Minimum order amounts are clearly shown at the top of the catering menus so there are no surprises when making your selections.

    Many restaurants and caterers will accept catering orders that do not meet the stated minimums, if you agree to pay the minimum food delivery fee set by that caterer or restaurant and listed on their catering menu.

    Alternatively, if your order is below the delivery minimum, then consider a pick up. Pick up orders receive the same confirmations and service benefits as delivery orders.
    Can I pick up my order?
    Yes, OrderCorner is able to process both food delivery and takeout orders. If your event size is below the delivery minimum set by the delivery restaurant, then the order can still be placed as a pick up order. Pick up orders receive the same service benefits including confirmations and emailed order receipts, as delivery orders.
    What if we have special needs or requests for our food orders?
    No mayo? No problem! You can add special instructions to every food order, either at the menu item level, or at a general level prior to check out.
    What if I don't see any catering menus online when entering my zip code?
    We have one of the largest restaurant caterer networks in the food delivery industry, however, not all our restaurant/ caterers have chosen to put their catering menus online.

    If there are no catering menus online for your zip, or you can't find what you want, then we can still help you through our Total Access service. Call us at 1 866 926 7637 and tell us what you need, and we will find it. There is a fee per order for the Total Access service. The Total Access service includes all our confirmation, payment, receipt and order tracking benefits and saves you much time, worry and hassle.
    What happens if I need to make a change to my order, once it is placed?
    Simply call 1.866.926 7637 or email us at customerservice@ordercorner.com. Customer service is available 24 hours a day.
    Can I cancel my order?
    Yes. If you have not applied payment (credit card or invoice) to your food order, go to "My Account". This will take you to "Upcoming Orders". Click on the Order ID, and then click the "Cancel Order" button.

    If you have applied payment to your food order, call customer service on 1 (866) 926-7637 and they will cancel the order for you.
    Is there a cancellation fee?
    Because delivery restaurants and food caterers have to plan ahead to fill your catering order, we ask that you cancel all food orders as soon as possible and no later than follows:
    • 24 hours or more for orders that are up to $200
    • 48 hours or more for orders that are $201-$499
    • 72 hours or more for orders that are $500 or more.
    We will though always work on your behalf to minimize any cancellation fees that might be charged by the selected restaurant/caterer.
    How do I get my receipt?
    All receipts are emailed to you as soon as your order is placed. Additionally, you can access all your receipts at any time, and see past and future orders in the "My Account" section of the website.
    How can I access my information online?
    By using the "My Account" section of www.ordercorner.com, you can manage your account and see all your information online. You can access this feature by going to www.ordercorner.com, and at the top left hand corner of the screen, click on LOGIN. Enter your email address and password and this will take you into your account.
    Can you serve remote locations?
    Yes. We currently process catering orders in 50 States including many rural areas. Typically, even in a remote area we can find restaurants and caterers that will deliver. If, however, there are no suitable restaurants that deliver, then a pick up order can still be processed and you will receive the benefit of the same confirmation, order tracking, emailed receipt etc. as you would with a food delivery order.
    Can I have more than one delivery location?
    Yes. You can store all your delivery locations, and select a different food delivery location for each catering order. This makes future food delivery orders faster and easier.
    How can I change my catering account information?
    Click on "My Account" and select "My Profile" to change your contact information or password. You can also manage your delivery locations, payment methods, and tell us any of your general catering preferences through "My Account".
    How can I see my past and future catering orders?
    Click on "My Account" and select "Order Overview". Your upcoming orders will be displayed. You may select other reports in your account from the drop down list, for example, your order history.
    Do you offer "specials"?
    Yes. We work closely with our delivery restaurant and food caterer partners to bring you "specials" and other money saving deals. You can see details of these in the "Special Offers" section of our What's New At OrderCorner blog. When you subscribe to the blog you will automatically receive regular updates on any special offers or promotions. Also follow us on Facebook or Twitter for more information.

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    What does it cost and how do I pay?

    Do you mark up prices?
    No. We display the retail prices as provided by our partner restaurants/caterers. Our restaurant partners (rather than our customers) pay us a commission for our services.
    Is there a delivery charge or tip?
    It varies by delivery restaurant/food caterer. We clearly display any incremental charges in the description of each restaurant or caterer, and at the top of the selected menu.

    Our menu prices are the retail menu prices as provided by the restaurant/caterer. Added to that, upon check out will be tax (unless registered as a tax exempt entity), any additional applicable fees, for example, delivery, service or driver gratuity. All charges are paid to OrderCorner which then pays the restaurant/caterer. No additional fees should be paid and you will not need cash at the time of delivery.
    Do you accept credit cards?
    Yes, we accept American Express, MasterCard and Visa.
    When is my credit card charged?
    When you place an order, your credit card is authorized but not charged. The card is not charged until food delivery or pick up day.
    Do I have to give my credit card information every time I place an order?
    No, once your account is set up, your credit card information will be securely stored, and encrypted, for use each time you place an order.
    How do I receive my receipt?
    All receipts are emailed to you. Additionally, you can access all your receipts at any time, and see past and future orders in the "My Account" section of the website.
    Can I set up an invoicing account?
    Yes. Before you can be pay via invoice you must be approved for credit. If you would like to apply for invoicing, please download the Credit Application and simply email or fax the completed application back to us. Please note that the approval process requires 3-5 business days, and that your catering order is not confirmed until invoicing has been approved. If your catering order delivery/pick up date is within 5 business days, please use a credit card for payment of your this order.

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