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Beyond the Box, a delivery restaurant in Dallas, Texas offers a Lunch & Dinner Cold menu.

Beyond the Box in Dallas Texas is part of the OrderCorner corporate catering network. Order food online or call 1 866 926 7637.
State: Texas (TX)
City: Dallas
Restaurant: Beyond the Box
Menu: Lunch & Dinner Cold Order From Menu
Beyond the Box - Lunch & Dinner Cold
4318 Eastside Ave. Dallas, TX 75226 (Phone: 214-828-2228)
Cuisine Types: American, Box Lunches, Breakfast, Cakes, Ice Cream, Sweets, etc., Catering Delivery, Holiday Menus, Hors D'Oeuvres , Mexican, Sandwiches & Deli, Seafood
"Inspired Meal Solutions" - large variety of food and meal choices from home-made baked goods, to hot buffets and boxed lunches. Everything made from scratch, never frozen. Owned by two of Dallas' most acclaimed chefs! Order online and have breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner delivered to you. There is a 24 hour cancellation notification policy.
Lunch Bag
Sandwiches and wraps are served in a white paper bag with a kosher dill pickle spear, potato chips and a brownie.
Lunch Bag - Sliced Turkey
Lunch Bag - Smoked Ham
Lunch Bag - Italian Meats
Lunch Bag - House Roast Beef
Lunch Bag - Creamy Tuna Salad
Lunch Bag - Grilled Chicken Club
Lunch Bag - Chicken "Sex on the Beach"
Lunch Bag - BBQ Chicken Salad
Lunch Bag - BBQ Beef Brisket
Lunch Bag - Grilled Vegetables
Lunch Bag - Curry Chicken
Lunch Bag - Chicken Caesar
Basic Box
Sandwiches and wraps served in a white baker's type cardboard box with a kosher dill pickle, fresh fruit salad with lime sauce, potato chips and a fresh brownie.
Basic Box - Sliced Turkey
Basic Box - Smoked Ham
Basic Box - Italian Meats
Basic Box - House Roast Beef
Basic Box - Creamy Tuna Salad
Basic Box - Grilled Chicken Club
Basic Box - Chicken "Sex on the Beach"
Basic Box - BBQ Chicken Salad
Basic Box - BBQ Beef Brisket
Basic Box - Grilled Vegetables
Basic Box - Curry Chicken
Basic Box - Chicken Caesar
Executive Box
Sandwiches served in a catering style box (clear lid and black bottom) with gemelli pasta salad, fresh fruit salad with lime sauce, potato chips and a brownie.
Executive Box - Sliced Turkey
Executive Box - Smoked Ham
Executive Box - Italian Meats
Executive Box - House Roast Beef
Executive Box - Creamy Tuna Salad
Executive Box - Grilled Chicken Club
Executive Box - Chicken "Sex on the Beach"
Executive Box - BBQ Chicken Salad
Executive Box - BBQ Beef Brisket
Executive Box - Grilled Vegetables
Executive Box - Curry Chicken
Executive Box - Chicken Caesar
Themed Cold Buffets
Includes all the sides and sweets needed for a complete lunch. Price per person.
Asian Invasion
Greek Goddess - Vegetarian
Mexican Fiesta
Middle East Feast
Texas Treat
Tuscan Dream
Cold Displays
Price per person.
Assorted Chips
Beyond Wrap Display
Sandwich Display
Add - Salad Selection
Add - BTB Salad Selection
Add - Sweets Sampler
Classic Deli Display
Italian Deli Display
Executive Deli Display
Break Time
Fresh Fruit Skewers
Chips and Salsa
Mini Cookies and Milk
Roulade Bites
Chilled Mediterranean
Hot Mediterranean
Ice Breaker
Petit Pastry Display - Small
Petit Pastry Display - Large
Beyond Truffle Display - Small
Beyond Truffle Display - Large
Chocolate Strawberry Display - Small
Chocolate Strawberry Display - Large
BtB Cookie Display - Small
BtB Cookie Display - Large
BtB Brownie Display - Small
BtB Brownie Display - Large
Pistachio Charlotte - Individual
Pistachio Charlotte - Small
Pistachio Charlotte - Medium
Pistachio Charlotte - Large
Almond Mousse Cake - Individual
Almond Mousse Cake - Small
Almond Mousse Cake - Medium
Almond Mousse Cake - Large
Seasonal Cheesecake - Individual
Seasonal Cheesecake - Small
Seasonal Cheesecake - Medium
Seasonal Cheesecake - Large
Beyond Chocolate Box - Individual
Beyond Chocolate Box - Small
Beyond Chocolate Box - Medium
Beyond Chocolate Box - Large
Strawberry "Shortcake" - Individual
Strawberry "Shortcake" - Small
Strawberry "Shortcake" - Medium
Strawberry "Shortcake" - Large
Texas Pecan-Chocolate Chunk Tart - Small
Texas Pecan-Chocolate Chunk Tart - Large
Granny Smith Apple-Date Pie - Individual
Granny Smith Apple-Date Pie - Large
Chocolate Banana-Coconut Tart - Small
Chocolate Banana-Coconut Tart - Large
Brownie Trifle - Individual
Brownie Trifle - Large
Key Lime Tart - Individual
Key Lime Tart - Large
Seasonal Fruit Tart - Individual
Seasonal Fruit Tart - Large
Apple Spice Cake - Small
Apple Spice Cake - Large
Classic Linzertorte - Small
Classic Linzertorte - Large
Sacher Torte - Small
Sacher Torte - Large
Italian Cream Cake - Small
Italian Cream Cake - Medium
Italian Cream Cake - Large
Opera Torte - Small
Opera Torte - Large
Gourmet Mini Cupcake Display
Fresh Fruit Sliced Display
Fresh Fruit Sliced Display
If you need ice, please order separately
Passion Fruit-Boysenberry Iced Tea - 1/2 Gallon
Passion Fruit-Boysenberry Iced Tea - 1 Gallon
Ice - Bag of ice with bucket
Ice - Each additional bag